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Episode 7: Coach K and Scott talk Triathlon News, IRONMAN Rule Changes and Triathlon Travel

January 19, 2019


  1. WTS racing has begun. Sprint race in Abu Dhabi

    1. Andrea Hewitt, who lost her fiance Laurent Vidal last year, got the overall win ahead of Jodie Stimpson and Sara Vilic.  Two Americans, True and Zaferes, were in the top 5 coming out of the swim.  They made up a small pack that was eventually caught.  Hewitt ended up sprinting in the past 15m to win.
    2. The men’s race was yet again dominated by the typical races.  Javier Gomez, with his killer run,  won his 13th WTS race which gives him 37 podiums for the 50 total WTS career races.  Great Britain’s Tom Bishop and strong swimmer Vincent Luis rounded out the podium.
    3. Next race is 8-9 April in Gold Coast.  For those that don’t know, you can watch these races with high quality streams on
  2. Ironman New Zealand:
    1. Guess who didn’t win this year? Cameron Brown… But the 44 year old kiwi still finished second.  I feel like he will be racing IM NZ until he dies and he will always be on the podium.  Braden Currie took the overall but had to fight off a determined Brown.

      1. Last 10 IMNZ for Cam Brown: 2,1,1,2,3,3,3,3,3,1
    2. AMERICAN WIN Jocelyn McCauley took the overall win by 12 minutes over Laura Siddall and Kessler.  Jocelyn had the 8th fastest marathon on the day overall.
      1. Alyssa Godesky also finished 5th overall
    3. Felt Bikes gets bought by a French Ski company Rossignol.  
    4. RIP to Computrainer
      1. Racermate is still offering warranty parts but will no longer produce Computrainer

Hot topics:

Ironman Rule Changes:


  1. Disc brakes allowed
  2. Yellow card now means 1 minute stop (instead of just stop and go)
  3. Can’t fully unzip any front zipped tri-suits.  Have to be zipped to at least bottom of sternum
  4. Ironman to rely on ITU for technological doping control


  1. Draft zone to 12m instead of 10m (measured from front wheel of rider in front)
  2. 3 blue cards (drafting and intentional litter) and you are out
  3. Snorkel
  4. Aerosuits w/ sleeves allowed in non-wetsuit swims


Protecting Bikes on racks (on top of car, hitch rack, inside of car, airplane) - 


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