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Episode 6: Coach K and Coach Scott Discuss Triathlon Hot Topics and News

January 19, 2019

Episode 6: Coach K and Coach Scott Discuss Triathlon Hot Topics and News

Triathlon News:

  1. Andrew Starykowicz return to triathlon will be documented through youtube vids
  2. Former Oregon NG member, Kelly Hafer, who was exposed to dangerous chemicals while serving in Iraq.  The chemical gave him a very high chance of developing cancer.  He got into triathlon to decrease that risk and has since completed multiple triathlons including Ironman Vineman
  3. AG doping violation: Holly Balogh tested positive for exogenous testosterone from a sample collected at 2016 Ironman North American Championship in Texas.  She did not have a TUE.  The worst part was she knew what she was doing.  
    1. “Through this investigation, IRONMAN confirmed that Ms. Balogh was aware of the inherent risks associated with her conduct and proceeded to knowingly take the prohibited substance”


Race Results from the Pros

  1. Ultraman Florida - 3 days of racing (6.2swim/92bike, 171bike, 52.4double marathon)

    1. Women: Steffi Steinberg broke Ultraman Florida record by 32 minutes and 53 seconds to take the overall win w/ time of 24:55:13
    2. Men: Canadian David Hainish won in an overall time of 22:08:48 after taking the lead on the second day of racing
  2. 43 year old Craig Alexander taking 70.3 Big Husky Triathlon (Australian) but not a very strong field
  3. Australians dominate Ironman 70.3 Geelong w/ the mens and womens title.
    1. Sam Appleton took the mens title after a great battle with Josh Amberger through the swim and bike legs.  Appleton squeezed out a 48 second lead by the end of the run
    2. Luxford dominated the field by having the womens best swim and bike time allowing her to ease through the run for the overall win.
  4. Challenge Wanaka (140.6 distance)
    1. Kiwi Dougal Allan broke the course record by 8 minutes to take the overall lead.  He had to come back on the swim and posted a race best bike and run
    2. Yvonne Van Vlerken also had to make up a deficet out of the swim.  Van Vlerken and Laura Siddall duked it out posting almost identical womens best bike splits.  Vlerken made her move at the 25k mark and maintained her lead until the end.
      1. Shoutout to American Alyssa Godesky for finishing 4th overall


Upcoming Races for IREP Athletes:

  1. Ironman Cuba 70.3

  2. Coach K is going to battle it out in Greenville, SC for the final weekend of Hincapie Spring Series

Hot Topics (from forums):

Training solely indoors on the bike: (I have one client that does this.) Pros/cons (lionel sanders)Zwift, TrainerRoad - Pro's and Con's

Best Books to recommend for training advice?

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